International Conference on Highly Frustrated Magnetism


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Tutorial Day Presentations

Last Name First Name Presentation PDF Video Link
da Silva Neto Eduardo Resonant X-Ray Scattering (RXS) for the study of spin, charge, and lattice excitations Link
Savary Lucile Quantum Spin Liquids Link
Taufour Valentin How to Grow a Magnetic Single Crystal and then Kill its Magnetism Link
Valenti Roser Frustrated Magnetic Materials from an ab initio prespective (Not Available)

Oral Program Presentations

Last Name First Name Presentation PDF Video Link
Banerjee Arnab Magnetic disorder, order and models of α-RuCl3 (Coming Soon)
Batista Cristian Dynamical structure factor of the triangular Heisenberg model (Coming Soon)
Becca Federico Dynamical structure factor of frustrated spin models: a variational Monte Carlo approach (Coming Soon)
Benton Owen Disorder and its consequences in Pr-based quantum spin ices Link
Broholm Collin Frustrated Magnetism in Pyrochlore Fluorides (Coming Soon)
Castelnovo Claudio Dynamics of quasiparticle excitations in spin ice materials Link
Chen Gang Frustrated metal Pr2 Ir2 O7 and spin liquid candidate YbMgGaO (Coming Soon)
Chernyshev Sasha Topography and mimicry of a spin liquid on a triangular lattice (Coming Soon)
Clark Lucy Two-dimensional spin liquid behaviour in the triangular-honeycomb antiferromagnet, TbInO3 (Coming Soon)
Coldea Radu Quantum features in the spin dynamics of the frustrated pyrochlore Er2 Ti2 O7 (Coming Soon)
Fennell Tom Multiple Coulomb phase in the fluoride pyrochlore CsNiCrF6 (Coming Soon)
Gaulin Bruce Short and long range ordered spin ice in the frustrated pyrochlore Tb2 Ge2 O7 (Coming Soon)
Halász Gábor Probing Kitaev spin liquids with resonant inelastic X-ray scattering Link
Holdsworth Peter Multiple monopole phase transitions in spin ice Link
Honecker Andreas Quantum-Monte-Carlo Approach to the Thermodynamics of Highly Frustrated Spin-1/2 Antiferromagnets (Coming Soon)
Jaubert Ludovic Pyrochlore thin films (Coming Soon)
Kao Ying-Jer A two-dimensional classical spin liquid in quantum Kagome ice (Coming Soon)
Kawamura Hikaru Randomness-induced quantum spin liquid behavior in the s=1/2 Heisenberg antiferromagnet on the pyrochlore lattice Link
Kee Hae-Young Path to Spin Liquid in Kitaev Materials (Coming Soon)
Kim Yong-Baek Theory of a quantum spin liquid in hydrogen-intercalated honeycomb iridate, H3 Li Ir2 O6 (Coming Soon)
Knolle Johannes Dynamics of Kitaev spin liquids Link
Lake Bella Exploration of the quantum spin liquid state in Ca10 Cr7 O28 (Coming Soon)
Lee Minhyea In-plane thermal conductivity study in 2D honeycomb lattice magnets (Coming Soon)
Lee SungBin Multipolar order and superconductivity in Pr(TM)2 (Al,Zn)2 0 Kondo Materials (Coming Soon)
MacDougall Gregory Pauling entropy and deviation from the dipole ice model in a spinel spin-ice candidate (Coming Soon)
Matsuda Yuji Thermal Hall effect in a Kitaev spin liquid: A possible signature of Majorana chiral edge current (Coming Soon)
Mendels Philippe Low-T^17 O NMR study of herbertsmithite crystals. (Coming Soon)
Motome Yukitoshi Majorana signatures in Kitaev quantum spin liquids (Coming Soon)
Mourigal Martin Anomalous spin dynamics in triangular quantum magnets (Coming Soon)
Onoda Shigeki Magnetic monopoles in quantum spin ice under an electric field Link
Petit Sylvain Dynamic quantum Kagome ice Link
Plumb Kemp Continuum of Magnetic Excitations in NaCaNi2F7 Link
Poilblanc Didier Search for topological SU(2) chiral spin liquids using iPEPS (Coming Soon)
Pollman Frank Efficient simulation of the dynamics in frustrated spin systems (Coming Soon)
Ralko Arnaud Importance of virtual singlets in RVB theory of Quantum spin Liquids (Coming Soon)
Rau Jeffrey Anisotropic exchange in ytterbium magnets: breathing pyrochlores, spinels and beyond Link
Reuther Johannes Experimental and theoretical investigation of the spin liquid candidate PbCuTe2O6 (Coming Soon)
Romhanyi Judit Topological bands and multipolar edge states in quantum magnets. (Coming Soon)
Rougemaille Nicolas Artifcial spin systems as experimental simulators of frustrated magnets: from the fragmentation of magnetization to the six vertex model (Coming Soon)
Rousochatzakis Ioannis Quantum spin liquid in the semiclassical regime (Coming Soon)
Ruiz Alejandro Hidden ferromagnetism in the Kitaev honeycomb iridates (Coming Soon)
Savary Lucile Singular angular magnetoresistance and spontaneous symmetry breaking in a magnetic nodal semimetal (Coming Soon)
Shannon Nic Frustrating quantum spin ice Link
Shimizu Yasuhiro Quantum criticality of Kitaev spin liquid (Coming Soon)
Starykh Oleg Spinon magnetic resonance of two-dimensional U(1) spin liquids with Fermi surface (Coming Soon)
Tanaka Hidekazu Structure of magnetic excitations in a spin-1/2 triangular-lattice Heisenberg antiferromagnet Ba3 CoSb2 O9 (Coming Soon)
Tsvelik Alexei Chiral spin in Kondo- Heisenberg systems (Coming Soon)
Udagawa Masafumi Vison resonance in Kitaev spin liquids (Coming Soon)
Valenti Roser Field-induced phases in generalized Kitaev models and materials (Coming Soon)
Wu Liang Antiferromagnetic resonance and THz continuum in α-RuCl3 Link
Xiang Tao Gapless Spin Liquid Ground State in the S=1/2 Kagome Antiferromagnet (Coming Soon)