Highly Frustrated Magnetism 2010

Abstract submission

The abstract submission deadline, April 15, 2010, has passed.  The program committee will select oral presentations from the contributed submissions in late May.

Post-deadline abstracts

Post-deadline abstracts submitted before May 10 will receive full consideration by the program committee.  Abstracts submitted after May 10 date may only be considered for poster sessions.

Read the following instructions carefully.  Abstracts that do not conform to the guidelines will be not be accepted.

Submission process

  • Submit abstracts by email to hfm2010abstract@jhu.edu.
  • On the subject line, enter the last name of the presenting author and the desired format of the presentation, e.g., "Smith oral" or "Jones poster".
  • Send the abstract file(s) as an attachment.  Do not use zip or gzip archives. 
  • Once the abstract is processed, you will receive an acknowledgment by email.  It will contain a unique identifier for your abstract.  Save it for future reference.

Formatting guidelines

  • An abstract must fit on a single page in the US Letter format, 8.5 in by 11 in.  
  • Do not edit the line that says Abstract ID.  This information will be added later.
  • A title in boldface type should be followed by a list of authors in Roman typeface and their affiliations in Italics
  • An optional figure with a caption may be placed between the affiliations and the main text.  The figure and the caption should be centered. 
  • Collaborators and funding organizations may be acknowledged at the end of the main text.
  • References and footnotes should be listed at the bottom. Use the bibliographical conventions of Physical Review Letters.
  • We accept submissions in LaTeX or Microsoft Word.
  • Download and use the templates below.

LaTeX submission

  • Download and edit the LaTeX template. 
  • Process the file with your favorite LaTeX package. 
  • The optional embedded figure should be in either EPS or PDF.
  • Do not change format settings, with the exception of the figure size.
  • Make sure the abstract fits on one page.
  • Submit the source files, rather than the resulting PDF or PostScript output.
  • The source files should have names like FirstAuthor.tex and FirstAuthorFig1a.eps or FirstAuthorFig1a.pdf. 
  • Attach all the source files to your email.  Do not use zip or gzip archives.

LaTeX template: Dent.tex.
Sample figure: DentFig1.eps.
Sample output: Dent.pdf.

Word submission

  • Download and edit the Microsoft Word template. 
  • Do not change format settings, with the exception of the figure size.
  • Make sure the abstract fits on one page.
  • Submit the Microsoft Word file.
  • The file should have a name like FirstAuthor.doc.

Microsoft Word template: Dent.doc.

Key Dates

April 15
Abstract submission ends. 
Early registration ends.

May 10
Cutoff date for post-deadline abstracts.

June 1
Group rate for lodging at the Inn at the Colonnade expires. 

July 6
Late registration ends. 
Last day to sign up for lodging at the Charles Commons.

August 1
Conference begins.