HFM2003 Conference Program


9h00 - 9h20 Opening of HFM2003

Session 1 (Chair : Claire Lhuillier)
9h20 - 9h50 Tu-I1 A. Harrison First catch your hare : design and synthesis of frustrated magnets.
9h50 - 10h20 Tu-I2 F. Mila Orbital degeneracy as a source of frustration in magnetic insulators.
10h20 - 10h50 coffee break

Session 2 (Chair : Peter Schiffer)
10h50 - 11h20 Tu-I3 C. Broholm Magnetic properties and spin fluctuation in spinel compounds.
11h20 - 11h40 Tu-O1 N. Büttgen Magnetic frustration in the spinel compound FeSc2S4.
11h40 - 12h10 Tu-I4 H. Godfrin Quantum frustration induced by Dirac multi-spin exchange.
12h10 - 12h30 Tu-O2 B. Bernu The Thouless theory and the multi-spin exchange model near the melting transition.

12h30 - 14h30 lunch break

Session 3 (Chair : John Greedan)
14h30 - 15h00 Tu-I5 M. Gingras Long range magnetic dipole-dipole interactions in highly frustrated magnetic systems.
15h00 - 15h30 Tu-I6 G. Ehlers Evidence for two distinct spin relaxation mechanisms in 'hot' spin ice Ho2Ti2O7
15h30 - 15h50 Tu-O3 P. Schiffer Quantum and classical spin relaxation in dysprosium titanate spin ice.
15h50 - 16h10 Tu-O4 R. Moessner The [111] magnetization plateau in spin ice.
16h10 - 16h40 coffee break

Session 4 (Chair : Laurent Lévy)
16h40 - 17h10 Tu-I7 P. Lemmens Unconventional spin gap formation in titanates with t2g orbital degeneracy.
17h10 - 17h30 Tu-O5 M. Mostovoy Frustration of spin and orbital ordering and hard sphere liquids.
17h30 - 17h50 Tu-O6 R. Kremer Effect of geometrical frustration on the magnetic properties of the triangular-layer system Tb2C2I2 : a neutron diffraction investigation.


Session 5 (Chair : Patrice Millet)
8h30 - 9h10 We-I1 A. Ramirez Frustration in magnetism and beyond.
9h10 - 9h40 We-I2 Y. Ueda Novel phase transitions in frustrated compounds.
9h40 - 10h00 We-O1 J. Greedan Quantum (S=1/2) spins on a frustrated fcc lattice in B-site ordered perovskites, A2BB'O6, A = Ba, Sr; B = Ca, Mg; B' = Re. Unconventional spin glasses and spin liquids.
10h00 - 14h30

Poster session 1 (P1 to P21)
lunch break

Session 6 (Chair : Philippe Mendels)
14h30 - 15h00 We-I3 A. Honecker Magnetization plateau in frustrated antiferromagnetic quantum spin models.
15h00 - 15h30 We-I4 C. Berthier Spin superstructure in the 1/8-magnetization plateau phase of the 2D orthogonal dimer spin system SrCu2(BO3)2.
15h30 - 15h50 We-O2 S. Miyahara The effects of Dzyaloshinsky-Moriya interactions on the orthogonal dimer model in an external magnetic field.
15h50 - 16h20 We-I5 M. Zhitomirsky Classical highly frustrated magnets in strong external field.
16h20 - 16h50 coffee break

Session 7 (Chair : Oleg Tchernyshov)
16h50 - 17h10 We-O3 B. Normand Pressure and field-induced magnetic quantum phase transitions in TlCuCl3.
17h10 - 17h30 We-O4 M. Nunez-Regueiro The Delta-chain with different base-base and base-vertex interactions.
17h30 - 17h50 We-O5 A. Lauchli Phase diagrams of antiferromagnets with cyclic four-spin exchange.


Session 8 (Chair : Chris Henley)
8h30 - 9h10 Th-I1 C. Lhuillier Quantum spin liquids
9h10 - 9h30 Th-O1 O. Tchernyshov Spin liquid in frustrated magnets : a semi classical route.
9h30 - 9h50 Th-O2 F. Becca Frustration : the route from classical to quantum ground states.
9h50 - 10h10 Th-O3 D. Bono Squid, NMR and mu-SR study of the kagomé "QS ferrite".
10h10 - 10h40 coffee break

Session 9 (Chair : Bruce Normand)
10h40 - 11h00 Th-O4 A. Mellergård Reverse monte carlo study of local spin correlations in the pyrochlore slab compounds SrCrxGa12-xO19.
11h00 - 11h20 Th-O5 G. Misguich Quantum dimer models on the kagomé lattice.
11h20 - 11h40 Th-O6 W. Brenig Valence bond solid phase of the crossed chain quantum spin model.
11h40 - 12h00 Th-O7 D. Mouhanna Non perturbative renormalization group approach to frustrated magnets.
12h00 - 14h30 lunch break

Session 10 (Chair : Oleg Petrenko)
14h30 - 15h00 Th-I2 P. Caretta NMR and mu-SR in two dimensional frustrated vanadates.
15h00 - 15h30 Th-I3 J. Gardner Spin dynamics in geometrically frustrated magnets.
15h30 - 15h50 Th-O8 V. Kotov Quantum singlet dynamics in frustrated coupled-tetrahedra systems.
15h50 - 16h20 coffee break

Session 11 (Chair : Steven Bramwell)
16h20 - 16h40 Th-O9 C. Henley Classical to quantum dynamics at Rokhsar-Kivelson point.
16h40 - 17h10 Th-I4 Y. Uemura Dynamic spin fluctuations in S=1/2 and S=3/2 kagomé magnet studied by muon spin relaxation.
17h10 - 17h30 Th-O10 V. Plakhty Chiral criticality in highly frustrated magnets and polarised neutron scattering.
17h30 - 17h50 Th-O11 S. Maleyev Frustrated magnets and polarized neutrons.


Session 12 (Chair : Amir Murani)
8h30 - 9h10 Fr-I1 M. Moore The present state of the art in spin glasses.
9h10 - 9h40 Fr-I2 P. Nordblad Spin glasses : model systems for non equilibrium dynamics.
9h40 - 10h10 Fr-I3 M. Rozenberg Quantum disordered magnets.
10h10 - 10h30 Fr-O1 L. Berthier Time and length scales in spin glasses.
10h30 - 14h30

Poster session 2 (P22 to P45)
lunch break

Session 13 (Chair : Andrew Harrison)
14h30 - 15h00 Fr-I4 I. Mirebeau Spin liquid and spin ice under high pressure : a neutron study of R2Ti2O7 (R = Tb, Ho).
15h00 - 15h20 Fr-O2 S. Dunsiger Persistant spin fluctuations in the geometrically frustrated pyrochlore gadolinium titanate.
15h20 - 15h40 Fr-O3 A. Del Maestro Quantum spin fluctuations in the rare earth pyrochlores gadolinium and terbium titanate.
15h40 - 16h10 coffee break

Session 14 (Chair : Kazuo Ueda)
16h10 - 16h30 Fr-O4 O. Petrenko Magnetic phase diagram of the antiferromagnetic pyrochlore Gd2Ti2O7.
16h30 - 16h50 Fr-O5 L. Lévy ESR study of the family R2Ti2O7 of pyrochlore antiferromagnets with a geometrically frustrated lattice : interplay between exchange and single ion anisotropies.
16h50 - 17h10 Fr-O6 M. Elhajal Ordering in pyrochlore compounds due to Dzyaloshinsky-Moriya interactions : the case of Cu4O3

17h10 Open discussion on magnetic order in pyrochlores (coordinator Michel Gingras).


Session 15 (Chair : Didier Poilblanc)
8h30 - 9h10 Sa-I1 P. Fulde Itinerant d-electrons in spinels.
9h10 - 9h30 Sa-O1 A. Murani Spin dynamics of LiV2O4.
9h30 - 9h50 Sa-O2 I. Nekrasov Orbital state and magnetic properties of LiV2O4.
9h50 - 10h20 coffee break

Session 16 (Chair : Andreas Honecker)
10h20 - 10h50 Sa-I2 Y. Taguchi Spin chirality induced anomalous Hall effect in pyrochlore ferromagnets.
10h50 - 11h20 Sa-I3 K. Ueda Lifting of degeneracy in the pyrochlore lattice.
11h20 - 11h40 Sa-O3 E. Segal Frustration driven lattice distortion : a computer simulation of the pyrochlore lattice.

11h40 - 12h00 Conference summary (R. Kremer and R. Moessner)
12h00 Buffet (ILL4 Entrance hall)