Call for abstracts

The abstract submission procedure applies to all kinds of talks : invited, contributed, oral and poster.
Each presenting author should not submit more than one abstract.

ABSTRACT submission is OPEN

Please follow all the submission steps listed below.

Summary of submission procedure
1. Download the LaTeX template.
2. Write your abstract following carefully the indication of the template.
3. Email your LaTeX abstract as an attached document with the correct 'subject' area, along with cover information in the mail.

Step 1: Download the LateX template.

Step 2: Write the abstract.

Since the abstracts will be directly reproduced in a volume to be distributed to the participants, please follow carefully the instructions of the template.
Abstracts that do not comply with these requirements are not eligible for publication in the book of abstracts (these requirements are automatically fullfilled if you follow and do not change the indications in the LateX model).

Step 3: Email your abstract.

The abstract should be submitted as an attached document.
E-mail your abstract to the following address:
In the "Subject" area of your e-mail, put: 'abstract', followed by a minus sign, followed by the name of the presenting author (ex: abstract-einstein)
Enclose the following information:
  • Name, institution , address, phone, fax and e-mail of the corresponding author.
  • Invited or contributed author.
  • Preferred oral or poster session.

The receipt of your abstract will be acknowledged by E-mail